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Snow White 

I'm pleased to be playing Snow White at the Lafon Arts Center
Directed by Christopher Melohn
Performances: September 14th-15th

Cheers to Christopher and his team for renovating this HUGE space and creating ample opportunities to equity actors in Louisiana! Yay!! 

Morris Bart Commercial

After seeing his billboards on the road every five minutes, I had a blast doing a commercial for Morris Bart! Footage available upon request. 


Murderous Affairs

Check out my performance in Season 3, Episode 2 of Murderous Affairs on Netflix! 

Blue Runner Red Beans Commercial

I had a lot of fun dancing at a BBQ and playing games as the featured actress in a recent Blue Runner Commercial! Big thanks to Kathy Hirsch, and the rest of the Fire on the Bayou Production team for the opportunity! 

Click here to explore the Fire on the Bayou website

Wellness Natural Cat Food Commercial

A big thanks to Lisa Marie Dupree and Three Sixty Eight Productions for bringing me on board for this commercial! I got to combine my two joys; acting and cuddling with cats; pretty sweet day! The commercial is airing on Hulu and Youtube, as well as a pop up for various websites. 

Socially Relevant Film Festival

I had an incredibly valuable experience reading the title role in Marla Sloane's "Almast," as a part of the 2017 Socially Relevant Film Festival. I played a teen bride, forced to grow up far before she's ready. 

This important festival showcases the voices of brilliant women and marginalized communities. It was an inspiring trip to New York!

Location: Cinepolis Chelsea: 260 W 23rd St. NY, NY  

Directed by Jillie Simon

Click here to check out the festival!  

A Murderous Affair

I had a great time on set with Bellum Entertainment's, "A Murderous Affair." I played a caring, intelligent college student, who catches her father in the murder of her mother. 

Directed by Raymond Hauserman

Click here to check out Bellum Entertainment 


S.A.M Agency

I am excited to start working with the S.A.M Agency, under agent Kenneth C. del Corral!

Mr. Corral is based in NOLA, and covers projects all throughout the country, with a focus on the southeast market. 

You can contact him by phone or email;
Phone: 504-427-3835


I am working on a web series about a high school drama club!
I play Melon, the spunky, optimistic leader of the drama club. She is a high school senior. 

Directed/written by Jordan Brown

Produced by Theatre Nerds


Southern Rep's Airline Highway

I am so excited to be working on the first first regional production of Airline Highway, since it's Broadway run last year. I play Zoe, a highly intelligent, but emotionally naive 16 year old from Atlanta. We are working directly with the playwright, Lisa D'amour

Directed by Aimee Hayes

Runs: October 5th-November 5th 


Life in "The Big Easy"

I am currently living in New Orleans! While here, I plan to delve into the southeast and south central film communities, as well as the awesome New Orleans theatre community. I also plan to gain some kickass life experience so as to become a better actor and human being! 

New York, I will continue to work with About Artists, and am able to work as a local in New York, and to come up for auditions.

New Orleans, you're an amazing, warm (in temperature and energy...), excitingly artistic, eccentric city, and I can't wait to become good friends.

Here's to adventure! 

Amy Herzog's "After The Revolution"

I had a really great time filming a scene from this AMAZING play.

Check the scene out on YouTube! :

Also starring the incomparable Olivia Nice

Shot by George Silvertooth 

About Artists Agency

I am now in partnership with Renee Glicker of the About Artists Agency! You can find their contact info on my resume. 

Abingdon Theatre Co's The Fallen

I'm excited to play a leading role in this upcoming reading!

Directed by Kim T. Sharp, associate Artistic Director at Abingdon Theatre Co
Written by Rita Lewis

Performance: Thursday, Dec. 3rd at the June Havoc Theatre

DiscoveryID's A Crime To Remember

I have been asked to come back on set for DiscoveryID, and do some promotional shots for the upcoming season of A Crime To Remember! The footage will be posted online and on-air.

Hell Is For Real

I am thrilled to be a part of this NYC Fringe musical comedy. I play Davin, a six year old boy who accidentally gets taken to hell in place of Charles Manson. The show is packed with Broadway performers.

Director: Jay Stern

Book, Music, Lyrics: Gary Apple

Starring: Christopher Sutton, Timothy Warmen, Carlos Lopez, Lori Hammel, Vasthy         Mompoint, Tom Carrozza, Jeremy Crawford, and Zak Risinger. 

Performance Dates: Fri 8/14 @7:00pm
                                 Sun 8/16 @1:15pm
                                 Fri 8/21 @3:45pm                                                                                                                        Thu 8/27 @4:45pm                                                                                       Sat 8/29 @7:00pm 

Venue: Theatre 80; 80 St. Marks Place  


DiscoveryID's A Crime To Remember

I am playing a supporting role in episode 304 of this Emmy Award winning series about crimes from the 1960's. I play Gloria Davy, a bubbly and compassionate young woman in nursing school. She is held hostage with her roommates and tries to convince them to stay positive. In the end, they are all tragically murdered (whoops, spoiler alert!). 

Director: Nicholas McCarthy

Atlantic Theater Company's LAUNCH reading series

I am performing in a reading of Amy E. Witting's new play, "The House on Top of the Hill," commissioned by the Atlantic Theater Company! I play 17 year old Frankie, dealing with an abusive father and an unstable mother. 

Director: Jackson Gay

Reading: May 21st, 2015



 CNN's The Hunt with John Walsh

I am playing a leading role in episode 203 on this original CNN series! I play a kidnapped, tough but terrified, prostitute. 

Producer: Zero Point Zero Productions 

Airing time: Sunday nights, 9PM E/P.

Director: Adam Kurland



Charlotte's Web

I'm very excited to have finished my second tour with Theaterworks/USA! I played Fern, the spunky, animal loving, little girl, as well as the motherly, curious, midwestern Goose! 

Directed by Tracy Bersley 
Performed nationally from 10/12/14-12/21/14 

You can view the Theatreworks/USA website here! 



Check out my"music bio" written and directed by myself! Just click on the bio/resume link on this website. You will not be disappointed.